Musical Bridges

The Musical Bridges Initiative, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is working to help primary and secondary schools strengthen their students' experience of transition in music, and also looking at how music can help with their broader transition.

Progression environments and ingredients poster

This poster features a model of the complicated musical progression environment, and a diagram of the 'ingredients' in that environment.

Agents in the musical progression environment

Who, or what, are the different people, organisations, activities and other things involved in children and young people's musical progressions? If you're involved in supporting progression, who could you be working with, what could you looking to harness or mobilise or support?

Leadership for musical progression

What kind of leadership do we need to support musical progression most successfully?

How does South West Music School support musical ability

South West Music School share their approach to encouraging and developing the talent and potential of young musicians, in this collection of films, case studies and practice write-ups.

A guide to music-based mentoring

'Music-based mentoring' covers a wide range of music-based interactions, focussing on supporting children and young people's whole development (personal, social, emotional) through music.

Musical Progressions Roundtable

A highly influential network of music education professionals looking together at how musical progression can most effectively be supported.

Music is wonderful; why is music education so difficult?

Music is wonderful! Children and young people love music. Yet the recent Ofsted triennial tells us that music is really not very good in two thirds of our schools, and that’s against a backdrop of unprecedented effort over recent years to support music education. Put plainly, why are we finding it so hard to get music education right?

Creating tomorrow's musical adults

How can we create an education now for tomorrow's musical adults at a time with so much change in music, in the creative economy, and in the world at large?


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