A guide to music-based mentoring

'Music-based mentoring' covers a wide range of music-based interactions, focussing on supporting children and young people's whole development (personal, social, emotional) through music.

I worked with Phil Mullen and Kathryn Deane to put together this resource pack on music-based mentoring, to offer guidance on setting up a music-based mentoring programme. It has been produced specifically with children and young people in challenging circumstances in mind, although there's no reason why it shouldn't be useful for others who don't work in this field of work. We hope that you will find it informative and that it will help you if you are working as a young person’s music mentor or setting up a mentoring programme with young people.

The resource pack as been developed from experiences, findings and evaluations from the Youth Music Mentors programme, which ran from 2008--2011 in 18 areas of England. This programme supported young people in challenging circumstances through music-based mentoring and this learning resource is designed to help other people continue and extend that work.

This is a substantial collection of learning resources for people interested in developing skills and abilities in music-based mentoring.

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