How do we measure progress and progression?

Measuring what, with what, and what impact does it have on learning?

How do we provide for progress?

A blog about measuring and measurements for progression

Alternative dimensions of music

Recently, I took part in a discussion about the ‘dimensions of music’, which feature in the current English National Curriculum for music and also in the proposed new one.

What do you think about the new National Curriculum?

The DfE published a draft proposed new National Curriculum for England recently, covering all statutory subjects for all state schools (except Academies and Free Schools). It could be a fantastic opportunity to influence widespread positive change. Or...

Progression ingredients poster

This poster shows the 'ingredients in an environment for progression'.

A skeleton strategy for creating progression environments

This poster depicts an array of core activities that a partnership of organisations could work on together, in order to create excellent environments to support children and young people's progression.

Supporting all children's musical progression

The Musical Progressions Roundtable is a network of organisations, from right across the breadth of music education, looking at how we could work together to realise all children and young people's musical potential.

Musical Bridges website

Musical Bridges was a Special Initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, with additional funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Musical Bridges Professional Development Programme for Music Educators

The 'Musical Bridges Programme' is a DIY professional develop kit for music educators, working together, to improve practice and environment for students moving from Primary to Secondary school.


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