Creating tomorrow's musical adults

How can we create an education now for tomorrow's musical adults at a time with so much change in music, in the creative economy, and in the world at large?

These two films are a presentation looking at creating tomorrow's musical adults. They draw on some consultative research that I did when at Youth Music, with Awards for Young Musicians and Musicians Benevolent Fund. We were looking at 'Becoming a 21st-century musician' and musical progression. We hosted four multistakeholder roundtable meetings with experts from across as much of a diversity of music education as we could manage. Together we explored various challenging but inspiring questions.

These presentations also draw other areas of research (academic, economic) and practice from hundreds of different organisations and individuals in and around music and music education.

Please leave any comments at the bottom of this page!

Part 1: Thinking about the future


Part 2: Designing and doing

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