The SoundJunction website is a rich, immersive musical learning experience, designed for young people to explore, discover and create music.

Youth Music Network

The Youth Music Network is an online community for people who work in and around music education in the UK.

Guidance for young people on finding and choosing opportunities to make music

A resource pack offering guidance for young people about navigating the landscape of musical opportunities.

Impulse young music leadership programme

The Impulse programme has been designed, developed and growing at the Purcell School of Music in Hertfordshire

Social pedagogy for looked after children

An interactive visualisation explaining social pedagogy for looked after children

Leeds Music Passport: young music leadership development

Leeds Music Passport Project was a young-music-leadership programme supporting Primary--Secondary transition

A practical guide to supporting structured volunteering opportunities for young people

An interactive visualisation for learning about providing structured volunteering opportunities.

How the National Youth Music Ensembles support musical ability

This collection of research, films and interactive visualisations looks at how some of the UK's top music education ensembles support progression.

How to spot musical potential

What does potential look like? How can we identify it? How can we support it?


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