Merseyside Music Hubs

I've been supporting Merseyside Music Education Hubs with joint strategy around creativity, partnership, progression and young people leading their own learning.

AYM Peer mentoring programme

I'm supporting Awards for Young Musicians' Peer-mentoring programme - Talent to Talent - with strategy, workshop facilitation and training for young musicians.

World Pencil

I set up World Pencil in 2015/16. It's a charity and a social enterprise focussing on the coming together of arts, education and sustainable development. 

Glyndebourne Education

I have been supporting Glyndebourne Education with strategy development and workshop facilitation.

Music and music education in 2050: where could we be?

At the end of 2014, the Musical Progressions Roundtable came together in a 'Progression Panorama' to look broadly at progression-related issues. We worked on what might be a long-term vision for music education...

Good Questions

Good Questions is a social learning network for online workshops, courses and tools, where people assess their knowledge, understanding and skills together and learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. 

Common barriers for musical progression journeys

What are the things that get in the way of people fulfilling their musical potential, time after time? This poster depicts some common barriers for musical progression journeys.

Understanding achievement in musical progression

How do you measure musical progress? A poster depicting the main ways in which musical learners and the people that support them measure and monitor musical progress.

Very few people can be the best, everybody can be exceptional

An exploration of what progression looks like in children's musical journeys. (Guest blog for Earlyarts.)

Joined-up strategies for musical progression: what do they look like in practice?

At a meeting of the Musical Progressions Roundtable in the Spring, we looked at how joined-up support for musical progression is taking place and taking shape across England. CYP leading their own learning, liberating technology, partnership maintenance, Hubs and schools, inclusion, communications... Here's an account of we heard about and what we discussed.


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