Early years

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Research on early years arts and culture in Yorkshire and the Humber, for CapeUK

Early years arts: international evidence and practice

An international survey of effective practice and evidence of impacts for arts in the early years

A New Direction

I worked alongside Earlyarts to produce an audit, mapping, analysis and survey of effective practice of arts, culture and creativity in the early years for A New Direction - the London Arts Council Bridge Organisation.

Arts Council England

Supported Arts Council England with several projects around Early Years and Professional Development

Arts Council Ireland

Working with Earlyarts I produced an international review of evidence and effective practice in early years arts, culture and creativity for Arts Council Ireland's early years strategy.

Born Creative, Together Creating

Born Creative Together Creating is a campaign supporting parents and carers to nurture their children's creativity through the arts.

Very few people can be the best, everybody can be exceptional

An exploration of what progression looks like in children's musical journeys. (Guest blog for Earlyarts.)

Ingredients for creative arts in the early years

A set of ingredients for supporting creative arts in the early years, put together by the Early Years Strategic Roundtable.

Why work with young children and creative arts?

There are a many huge reasons why creative arts activity with children in their early years is significant, and why we should support it and get involved. I’ve tried to narrow it down to six…

Early Years Strategic Roundtable: progress update

The Early Years Strategic Roundtable is a national alliance of organisations supporting creative experiences in the expressive arts for children in their early years.


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