Early years

A guide for producing resource packs

This is a guide for people who are producing, or thinking of producing, a resource pack -- in other words, it's a resource pack for making resource packs!

Youth Music Network

The Youth Music Network is an online community for people who work in and around music education in the UK.

Early years music-making ingredients

Between 2009 and 2010 Youth Music pulled together 60 senior music education figures to ask what they considered to be the most important factors in creating music-making opportunities and harnessing music’s potential in young children’s lives.

Tuning into children's musicality - nurturing children's ideas

A highly popular learning resource for tuning into children's musical ideas.

Moving on: professional development for advanced Early Years music making

Moving On is a professional development programme for advanced Early Years music making.

Youth Music

Youth Music is the UK's leading charity supporting music-making opportunities for children and young people, particularly those in challenging circumstances.

National strategic roundtable for Early Years and creative learning

A network of organisations that worked together to support Early Years music-making in the UK.


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