Online learning materials

A practical guide to supporting structured volunteering opportunities for young people

An interactive visualisation for learning about providing structured volunteering opportunities.

Tuning into children's musicality - nurturing children's ideas

A highly popular learning resource for tuning into children's musical ideas.

How the National Youth Music Ensembles support musical ability

This collection of research, films and interactive visualisations looks at how some of the UK's top music education ensembles support progression.

How to spot musical potential

What does potential look like? How can we identify it? How can we support it?

Moving on: professional development for advanced Early Years music making

Moving On is a professional development programme for advanced Early Years music making.

Looked after children and music

A resource pack of films, research and insights for anyone working with looked after children and music.

How does South West Music School support musical ability

South West Music School share their approach to encouraging and developing the talent and potential of young musicians, in this collection of films, case studies and practice write-ups.

A guide to music-based mentoring

'Music-based mentoring' covers a wide range of music-based interactions, focussing on supporting children and young people's whole development (personal, social, emotional) through music.


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