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Systems Learning

Systems Learning is an online learning resource, for learning about systems thinking, run by the Schumacher Institute.

Musical Bridges website

Musical Bridges was a Special Initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, with additional funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

Musical Bridges Professional Development Programme for Music Educators

The 'Musical Bridges Programme' is a DIY professional develop kit for music educators, working together, to improve practice and environment for students moving from Primary to Secondary school.

A guide for producing resource packs

This is a guide for people who are producing, or thinking of producing, a resource pack -- in other words, it's a resource pack for making resource packs!

Early years music-making ingredients

Between 2009 and 2010 Youth Music pulled together 60 senior music education figures to ask what they considered to be the most important factors in creating music-making opportunities and harnessing music’s potential in young children’s lives.

Guidance for young people on finding and choosing opportunities to make music

A resource pack offering guidance for young people about navigating the landscape of musical opportunities.

Impulse young music leadership programme

The Impulse programme has been designed, developed and growing at the Purcell School of Music in Hertfordshire

Social pedagogy for looked after children

An interactive visualisation explaining social pedagogy for looked after children

Leeds Music Passport: young music leadership development

Leeds Music Passport Project was a young-music-leadership programme supporting Primary--Secondary transition

Sharing effective practice

Have you ever seen or developed something fantastic and been frustrated more people didn't know about it?


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