Sharing effective practice

Have you ever seen or developed something fantastic and been frustrated more people didn't know about it?

Have you ever seen someone working brilliantly with children and young people’s music-making, or have you developed something incredibly effective yourself, or have been to a conference or training session and been stunned by some new practice, and then thought to yourself, ‘it’s just crazy that more people don’t know about this’?

Sharing practice (in combination with networking, brokering of skills, and injecting external expertise and guidance) is a crucial element of unlocking the potential in the different parts of the music education sector - ultimately to raise awareness and standards and to ensure the children and young people's music-making can be most effectively supported. Practice sharing is one of the key aims behind the Youth Music Network website and one of the key pillars of Youth Music's new funding programme too.
This resource collection pulls together some rationale, ideas and issues around practice sharing.

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