Good Questions

Good Questions is a social learning network for online workshops, courses and tools, where people assess their knowledge, understanding and skills together and learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. 

Knowing or understanding something is very different from being able to do it, or knowing how well you do it. The world, particularly via the web, is full of knowledge and ways to understand things. Often, though, this results in new understanding and good intentions, but little change in practice or action.

So to help people to bridge the gap between the availability of know-how and ability to use it, I've been developing an online platform for building professional development tools. Tools on Good Questions enable people to take ideas and apply them to change what they do. They’re built around a flexible, well-tested approach for working with teams of people:


  • Good questions get you thinking
  • Your responses & peer reviews create a profile of strengths & weaknesses
  • Post your own experiences and learn from others
  • Try out actions, or suggest what others could do
  • Work in groups – for teams, organisations, or networks


So far Good Questions features tools arising from the Musical Progressions Roundtable and Sightlines but hopefully many others will see the potential of using the platform to develop and publish tools around their areas of work and expertise. Please get in touch if you'd like to develop tools on Good Questions.


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