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Research on early years arts and culture in Yorkshire and the Humber, for CapeUK

Early years arts: international evidence and practice

An international survey of effective practice and evidence of impacts for arts in the early years

A New Direction

I worked alongside Earlyarts to produce an audit, mapping, analysis and survey of effective practice of arts, culture and creativity in the early years for A New Direction - the London Arts Council Bridge Organisation.

Business in the Community

I designed for BitC a poster and report communicating a complex set of scenarios and strategies around sustainable water management.

Arts Council Ireland

Working with Earlyarts I produced an international review of evidence and effective practice in early years arts, culture and creativity for Arts Council Ireland's early years strategy.

Musical Progressions Panorama

The Musical Progressions Panorama was the culmination of the Musical Progressions Roundtable, which I run, along with Awards for Young Musicians.

Supporting all children's musical progression

The Musical Progressions Roundtable is a network of organisations, from right across the breadth of music education, looking at how we could work together to realise all children and young people's musical potential.

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project

The Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD) was an $8million, two-year global project of participatory and consultative research and analysis, seeking to understand how the mining and minerals sector could contribute to the transition to sustainable development.

Leadership for musical progression

What kind of leadership do we need to support musical progression most successfully?

Music is wonderful; why is music education so difficult?

Music is wonderful! Children and young people love music. Yet the recent Ofsted triennial tells us that music is really not very good in two thirds of our schools, and that’s against a backdrop of unprecedented effort over recent years to support music education. Put plainly, why are we finding it so hard to get music education right?

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