Musical Progressions Panorama

The Musical Progressions Panorama was the culmination of the Musical Progressions Roundtable, which I run, along with Awards for Young Musicians.


The event, which was attended by around 75 young musicians and music education professionals, was about sharing ideas, answers and questions around musical progression:

  • A carnival conference for musical progression
  • Probing and productive debate: sharing ideas and answers around progression and making sure we’re asking the right questions
  • Young musicians and education professionals working together: understanding new perspectives on familiar challenges
  • Presentations and performances, side-shows and focus groups: a rich tapestry of strategies and practices
  • Sharing the findings of six years of discussion, analysis, research and collaboration: celebrating the insights of over 200 individuals and organisations who’ve taken part in the Musical Progressions Roundtable so far
  • Launching the MPR’s online tools -
  • Beautiful views for breathtaking ideas

A write-up of the event is available for download here

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December 2014

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