Sustainable development

Futures: cultures, trends, forecasts and making it happen yourself

Futures and futurising - why bother? A post on trends, culture, stagation, education, world challenges and our attitudes for change.

Business in the Community

I designed for BitC a poster and report communicating a complex set of scenarios and strategies around sustainable water management.

World Pencil

I set up World Pencil in 2015/16. It's a charity and a social enterprise focussing on the coming together of arts, education and sustainable development. 

Systems Learning

Systems Learning is an online learning resource, for learning about systems thinking, run by the Schumacher Institute.

Richard Sandbrook's Place

Richard Sandbrook's Place is an online platform for deep thinking and big ideas about sustainable development in the modern world.

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project

The Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD) was an $8million, two-year global project of participatory and consultative research and analysis, seeking to understand how the mining and minerals sector could contribute to the transition to sustainable development.

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