Richard Sandbrook's Place

Richard Sandbrook's Place is an online platform for deep thinking and big ideas about sustainable development in the modern world.

The website is about sharing experiences, stories and strategies for re-imagining and achieving sustainable development - a place where people can learn from the past, reflect on the present and work out how to transform the future. It's run by the Richard Sandbrook Trust.
Richard Sandbrook, my father, who died in 2005, was a sustainable development pioneer – “a pragmatist with a heart of gold” – whose work was cut short but whose spirit lives on. 
We have invited key figures in the sustainable development movement to reflect on progress to date in a series of perspectives: what's worked, and what hasn't. And we have collected a timeline of the key milestones in the history of sustainable development.
Influential sustainable development experts from across the globe have contributed their perspectives, observations and solutions around some of the worlds deepest challenges. 
My role has been to develop the concept and information architecture, co-commission and edit the content, and design and build the site.

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