Young leadership

Futures: cultures, trends, forecasts and making it happen yourself

Futures and futurising - why bother? A post on trends, culture, stagation, education, world challenges and our attitudes for change.

Merseyside Music Hubs

I've been supporting Merseyside Music Education Hubs with joint strategy around creativity, partnership, progression and young people leading their own learning.

AYM Peer mentoring programme

I'm supporting Awards for Young Musicians' Peer-mentoring programme - Talent to Talent - with strategy, workshop facilitation and training for young musicians.

World Pencil

I set up World Pencil in 2015/16. It's a charity and a social enterprise focussing on the coming together of arts, education and sustainable development. 

Glyndebourne Education

I have been supporting Glyndebourne Education with strategy development and workshop facilitation.

Impulse young music leadership programme

The Impulse programme has been designed, developed and growing at the Purcell School of Music in Hertfordshire

Leeds Music Passport: young music leadership development

Leeds Music Passport Project was a young-music-leadership programme supporting Primary--Secondary transition

A practical guide to supporting structured volunteering opportunities for young people

An interactive visualisation for learning about providing structured volunteering opportunities.

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