Very few people can be the best, everybody can be exceptional

An exploration of what progression looks like in children's musical journeys. (Guest blog for Earlyarts.)

What do you think about the new National Curriculum?

The DfE published a draft proposed new National Curriculum for England recently, covering all statutory subjects for all state schools (except Academies and Free Schools). It could be a fantastic opportunity to influence widespread positive change. Or...

Early years music-making ingredients

Between 2009 and 2010 Youth Music pulled together 60 senior music education figures to ask what they considered to be the most important factors in creating music-making opportunities and harnessing music’s potential in young children’s lives.

Tuning into children's musicality - nurturing children's ideas

A highly popular learning resource for tuning into children's musical ideas.


The SoundJunction website is an immersive interactive musical learning experience for children and young people.

Musical Progressions Roundtable

A highly influential network of music education professionals looking together at how musical progression can most effectively be supported.

7 self-reflection questions for nurturing creativity

What does it take to change practice in supporting creativity? Here are seven pivotal questions to provoke reflection.


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