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Business in the Community

I designed for BitC a poster and report communicating a complex set of scenarios and strategies around sustainable water management.

Common barriers for musical progression journeys

What are the things that get in the way of people fulfilling their musical potential, time after time? This poster depicts some common barriers for musical progression journeys.

Understanding achievement in musical progression

How do you measure musical progress? A poster depicting the main ways in which musical learners and the people that support them measure and monitor musical progress.

Ingredients for creative arts in the early years

A set of ingredients for supporting creative arts in the early years, put together by the Early Years Strategic Roundtable.

Progression ingredients poster

This poster shows the 'ingredients in an environment for progression'.

A skeleton strategy for creating progression environments

This poster depicts an array of core activities that a partnership of organisations could work on together, in order to create excellent environments to support children and young people's progression.

Social pedagogy for looked after children

An interactive visualisation explaining social pedagogy for looked after children

Progression environments and ingredients poster

This poster features a model of the complicated musical progression environment, and a diagram of the 'ingredients' in that environment.

Agents in the musical progression environment

Who, or what, are the different people, organisations, activities and other things involved in children and young people's musical progressions? If you're involved in supporting progression, who could you be working with, what could you looking to harness or mobilise or support?

7 self-reflection questions for nurturing creativity

What does it take to change practice in supporting creativity? Here are seven pivotal questions to provoke reflection.

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